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It is a program that focus on Art of thinking, listening and speaking, and aim at developing communication and leadership skills.

If you’re a beginner in public speaking, this club will help you quickly master the fundamentals of speaking. We’ll practice on how to organize thoughts clearly and deliver them confidently. By the end of the 3-4 weeks, members are able to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking, use rehearsal techniques to develop a strong, vibrant speaking voice.


We meet on 2-3 times a week usually on weekends, and the entire meeting is divided in three sections. In first section of the meeting we have prepared topics round, where existing members deliver their 4- 5 min speech on their assigned projects. In second part of the meeting the “facilitator of the day” gives the on the spot topics to the members on which 2-3 min speech is delivered. In the last section of the meeting, we have a feedback round – where the “evaluators of the day” evaluates the speeches of all the participants basis pre decided criteria.

The feedback are provided to encourage the speakers and it is made sure that maximum one area of improvement is pointed out for the speaker to work upon.

We welcome guest to be part of these meeting and experience the sharing space where we harness our communication and leadership skills

We welcome you to be part of these meeting and know about our activities,  for registration click here and for clarification connect us at 7738078222.

InYouth : It is an initiative by Learning Curve Institute, where we seek to identify, design and initiate learning opportunities for all the youth of the Jaipur to help them develop their holistic potential and capabilities to meet the need of current 21st century. 

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