About the Program

The Personality Plus program focuses on essential life tools of emotional awareness, believe systems, body language and voice modulation to be able to allow oneself in creating abundance in their life.

We believe that Personality development is about changing our life context  (believe systems) and not the content (actions) of our life.  And by working on our life context we can create more deeper and sustainable changes with greater ease and joy.

What will you learn from this program !

  • you will learn to experience life without interpretations and judgement
  • you will experience advance skills of emotional awareness and be able to work on reducing unwanted emotions like anger, stress, helplessness  etc
  • you will learn to create a life of deeper passion, gratitude and compassion for yourself
  • you will learn to develop a personalised vocabulary to decipher body language
  • you will learn various exercises & tools for enhancing your voice to be able to speak in a way, where people listen actively

What are the benefits of the program !

  • emotional stability,
  • gain characteristics of confident persona
  • increase in self worth and self compassion
  • create a mindset (frame of mind) different from others that provides you an edge over others
  • creating deeper impact on other by consciously design communication using body language and voice

Who is this program for 

This program is for those people who are :

  • “Willing” to create positive change in their life
  • Not sure of “how” to become the person one desire to be
  • Not allowing (giving a chance) them self to create a life of abundance

Other Details

About the Trainer :

Piyush Bansal has been passionate learner of life, he has been exploring various modalities on consciousness, landuage tools and mindfulness around India. Piyush is a chartered account and coach by profession; and Healer from heart. He intent to create a fulfilling life by sharing his gifts with other.

Program Structure :

This is a two month program, with a batch size of max. 10 participants. This program requiered the interested participants to allow themself to invest Rs 5500 on self and in creating a life of abundance.

Venure: Learning Curve Institue , Adarsh Nagar (Near Pink Sqaure Mall) Jaipur.

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