“Begin to weave and God will give you the thread”- German proverb’

Dreaming is good if your dreams lead you to action, but dreams can’t be a substitute for doing the hard work that needs to be done today. What stops us from reaching our dreams or working towards them? Laziness? Fear of failure? Blaming others? Denial? If I summarize all of them I will call it PROCRASTINATION. We all avoid the hard work which comes before the glamorous outcome. Don’t we all want to overcome this phase and stop procrastinating? If you’re reading this you already are a step towards stopping procrastination. Let’s go on and find a solution to our procrastination.

1. Procrastinate, but creatively:

“The fact is that you can’t do everything that you have to do. You have to procrastinate on something!” the major reason we are not able to finish something is that we try to do everything in one go and that just mess up our whole system. We are not superheroes, as humans we have to eliminate something to get the more important thing.

The difference between successful people and mediocre is largely determined by what they choose to procrastinate on. Successful people outsource, delegate, and eliminate those activities that don’t make much of a contribution to their life. They focus on tasks which create a long term impact in their lives and leave the rest to trail.


2.Plan in Advance:

Okay, so this sounds old school but it has turned out to be the most useful insight on avoiding delayed actions. Establish a system where you decide what you have to do, when you have to do at and where you’ll do it? There is a modern concept called “Commitment Device”. Commitment devices can help you stop procrastinating by designing your future actions ahead of time.

A system to your commitment device can be planning a [cws_sc_mark font_color=’#000000′ bg_color=’#fcfcfc’][DAY] at [TIME OF DAY]/[OLD HABIT] at/in [PLACE].[/cws_sc_mark]

Here are some commitment devices:

  • Prepare a to-do list:

Cliche? Isn’t it? List everything you have for the day, big or small, in this to do list. Start working on the most important task on it and as you complete it check it off. You’ll get a sense of accomplishment after completing each task and thus you’ll establish a system to avoid procrastination.

  • Carry goal cards:

I have seen some incredible men and women carrying a Goal Card with themselves, which they review in the quieter moments of the day. The card lists all their goals with respective deadlines for achieving them. This ritual of reconnecting with your top priorities is a smart way to initiate action.

  • Find an accomplice:

How often it happens that we decide to do something and later we leave it because we don’t have someone to accompany us. We try our way out because we don’t want to do it alone. Find and accomplice to complete your tasks. This will create an obligation for showing up and you’ll end up doing the task you’ve been procrastinating upon.

3. Simplify your tasks/Slice and dice:

One reason for procrastination is that we focus on the pain of starting and give in. But once we actually start working the pain subsides and actions speak.

For this you can break your tasks into chunks and start working on the easiest one. Also, work on one thing at a time. This will remove the pressure of starting the work and continuing it.

4. Establish a reward system:

We often start working and forget to take breaks or reward ourselves for our triumphs. This decreases are motivation and leads to burnout. Therefore, we need to celebrate our work and do the tasks in a way that doesn’t stress us.

For the same:

  • Take breaks at regular intervals:

There is a concept called “Mental fatigue”. According to this, when we constantly work over something our brain gets tired and after a point is no longer capable of making good decisions or taking actions. This is similar to physical fatigue we experience while exercising or labor work.
We all need our time to rejuvenate and for that, take breaks at regular intervals with time boundaries.

  • Make future consequences more immediate:

If you find a way to make rewards of future choices more immediate, you can avoid procrastination. You can do it by a strategy known as “Temptation Bundling”. You have to bundle a behavior that is good for you in future with a behavior which feels good in the present.

Follow the basic format: [cws_sc_mark font_color=’#000000′ bg_color=’#fcfcfc’][THING YOU LOVE] while doing [THING YOU PROCRASTINATE].[/cws_sc_mark]
For example:

  • Complete your homework while listening to soft music.
  • Watch you favorite show while doing household chores.
  • Call someone while taking a walk. Etc.

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