About Workshops

A skill development initiative, where we seek to identify, design and initiate learning opportunities for all the youth of the Jaipur to help them develop their holistic potential and capabilities to meet the needs of current 21st century.


We plan to do it by conducting workshops, events, talks, movie screening, sharing spaces, experiential learning programs, uncollege programs, gap year programs etc. with specific focus on developing life skills, Job skills, personal skills and other sustainable skills in Youth of Jaipur.

Our activities

You are welcome to participate and know more about our activities in Jaipur City.

Video Series

This video series aims on imparting various research and tools used by experts for developing life, personal and other sustainable skills covering areas like Goal Setting, Procrastination, TimeManagement, communication etc.

Goal Setting | 3 Insights To Achieve Goals Consistently

Goal Setting | How To Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve

Procrastination | Why do i not finish.. What i start ?

Movie Series

What does it take to perceive, know, be and receive; that allows us to learn about our world with ease, joy and deeper clarity ?
We seek to address this question by creating a Movie Series specially for our community. Here we will show case documentary, movies , talks , videos and many more with an intent to sensitise deeper understanding about all those things that constitutes to become our world.